BASEQ is a non-profit association with a charter to promote the awareness and appreciation of Blues music in SEQ. This means providing members with a Blues music information network and fostering and encouraging an increase in live performances of Blues music.

Application for BASEQ HOST BANDS

BASEQ is always on the look out to book Host Bands for the Blues jams, festivals and events. Interested? 
Please fill in the application and submit the details. 

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I/We understand, as host band, you will be required to remain for the entire jam and have your equipment {Amps, kit ect} made available – instruments at musicians’ discretion. ALL HOST band performers MUST be financial members.

PA only will be available on the day, Royal Mail Hotel Goodna
FULL Back Line & PA provided at Leftys Old Time Music Hall

BASEQ Jam Sessions - Royal Mail Hotel Goodna from the Last Sunday of each month and Leftys Old Time Music Hall from the Second Sunday of each month.

Important Note: 
This form is NOT a confirmation, it is an application to perform (as HOST BAND) at the BASEQ Sponsored Jam Session. Your dB levels are monitored at venues – 95 dB MAX. If requested, you may be asked to turn up/down whilst performing on stage to ensure your sound levels are set at the best possible listening level. Failure to comply will result in PA being switched off. Please "check" the above box and submit your application. ALL musicians MUST be members of BASEQ. Musicians MUST perform at a experienced level to host a "BLUES" jam sessions.
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