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the 2014 BASEQ Memphis Challenge Performers
Featuring the same twin peaks of singer/dynamic harp player Jamie Symons (2013, 2014 Höhner Golden Harmonica Championship winner). Their sound derives from elements of the earthy sounds of the 40's and 50's blues masters, the soulful feel of 60's and 70's British blues as well as the virtuosic magic of more contemporary blues artists.

Devils Kiosk have taken it a step up and to the left having wowed fans in recent years at music festivals across Australia including The East Coast Blues & Roots, Woodford Folk Fest and the Gympie Muster. In May 2012 they unveiled their new name and direction at Blues on Broadbeach (an event at which they have appeared since its inception in 2002) adding many faces to their growing following. In September 2012 Devil's Kiosk thrilled the crowd and won the Peoples Choice Award at the Blues Association of South East Queenslandʼs ʻMemphis Blues Challengeʼ and have since gone on to fulfill a busy playing schedule under their new guise.

With recent appearances at The Sydney Blues and Roots Festival, Brisbaneʼs Grottofest and Anges Blues & Roots, Devil's Kiosk has been showcasing all new material as well as featuring some of there award winning songs. With a heavy blues foundation and featuring songs with a darker edge, their sound encompasses all the drama and energy that is so evident in their live performance.

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Devil's Kiosk
Kate Meehan & the Wise Fools
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Kate Meehan is "Tasmania's Legendary Blues Lady and daughter of a well known Jazz Trumpeter in Hobart Tasmania. Kate was brought up with the sounds of Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald bouncing around the lounge room.

Kate's career has spanned more than two decades and in that time she has jammed, performed and recorded with some of the best musicians in the country as well as having appeared at most major blues festivals throughout Australia. 
She was Australia's "Queen of the Blues" in 2002 and 2003 when she took out the Australian Blues Music 'Chain' Award for Female Vocalist of the Year two consecutive years running along with Song of the Year and Performer of the Year in 2003 for 'Call Me Mrs Blues'. Kate also found her niche in songwriting when she was runner up in the blues category two consecutive years running, and in the 3rd year the top final 5 of the Nationwide Songwriting competition The SONY 'MusicOz' Awards for 2001, 2002 & 2003.

After the release of the very successful 'As long as I've sung the blues' in 2001, Kate' s career continued to move forward and upward and the new CD 'Soulshaker' was further evidence that Kate is one of the top echelon of blues performers in this country.  In 2005 Kate has been once again nominated for the award of Female Vocalist of the Year at the Australian Blues Music (Chain) Awards.The big gutsy voice of this Blues Lady has truly earned her the title of "Queen of the Blues".

Mick Diggles Blues Band
If any Australian musician has paid his dues to play the blues it is ... Mick Diggles .. !

In 1967, influenced by the likes of Lightning Hopkins and Muddy Waters,  Mick took to the road playing with local bands. Picked up by Aussie guitar great,  Lobby Lloyd,  Mick went off to join the Melbourne & Sydney scenes playing with the likes of Ian Winter, Allan Britton, Barry Harvey, Peter Hardinge,    Harry Brus, Phil Stone, The King brothers and many others.

In 2008 Mick recorded tracks at Paragon, on Chicago’s near West Side with Bill Dickens and Ernie Adams and has since been based in Brisbane building up a loyal following of blues lovers at local venues such as The Manly where he is known and loved by virtually everyone.

Mick Diggles has played with a who’s who of Australian musicians and some top liners in the USA.  To many people Mick is an Australian blues legend,  indeed if any such thing exists.

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Hat Fitz & Cara Robinson
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The combination of Hat Fitz and Cara Robinson has been described as a match made in heaven and after witnessing a live performance and listening to their music it's impossible to dispute that description. The wildness of Hat Fitz’s performance is still there, but is now tempered by the bewitching Cara.

Cara draws on her soul background (she’s toured Europe and the United States with singers such as Jamiroquai and the hugely popular Corrine Bailey-Rae), and although blessed with a sensational voice she was not content to be labelled as ‘just a singer’. She has taken to drumming duties as well as washboards, flute and tin whistle, sometimes all at once.

Over the past few years, the now husband & wife duo have slightly changed their musical direction.  They have been writing more original material together and honing a sound that is growing from strength to strength and moving into new genres.  But their music is still blessed with that “old timey” feel and flavour, as shown on their latest release “Wiley Ways” which was produced by Australian blues legend Jeff Lang. 

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Mike Beale started out in the early 80’s in Fremantle Western Australia. Starting out in an era dominated by big scale rock music didn’t provide a great deal of opportunities for a roots based artist. But in 1984 a stroke of sporting magic changed the face of the local music scene. “Australia winning the Americas cup in the mid 80’s opened up a whole new range of gigs for me and a lot of other local artists, suddenly Fremantle became a cool place to hang out and watch music”.

Playing in and around the small and more intimate venues in the now thriving Fremantle provided the platform to launch a successful local solo career. For several years Beale played the local scene culminating in a 1986 local release of his first album Breakaway.

“I guess that album was more of a reflection of my passion for a west coast style of music, whereas nowadays there’s probably a greater emphasis on a raw, roots based approach - acoustic guitar with a strong vocal and a great lyric.”

Not long after releasing that first album Beale left West Australia for greener pastures which found him playing in places as far apart as Canberra and Cairns before eventually ending up on the Gold coast.

The past 4 years have been very busy for Mike, as well as continuing solo commitments there is the ongoing commitment to Men in Blues. MIB released a new cd Battered and Bruised in 2007 backed with national touring commitments and appearances at the Australian Blues Festival, Blues on Broadbeach, Bridgetown Blues and the Gympie Muster. Plus several Beale original songs released by Men in Blues overseas on the BAR blues and roots Australian compilation cds.

A cancelled recording session for MIB mid 2008 gave Mike an opportunity to take a break from live playing and record a bunch of new songs. “I’m always writing and I had a heap of songs not really suitable for the band which I was really keen to get down”.

What started as a fill in day has turned out to be a double cd of terrific new heartfelt songs. Every artists new album these days comes with a media campaign heralding brilliant new songs, catchy hooks, amazing song writing etc and often the listener is left disappointed.

With Beale it’s like someone’s taken all the best bits of your favourite singer songwriters mixed them together and then added a guy who can really play guitar and sing.

Heartfelt lyrics with beautiful melodies married to great guitar playing. Never once do you forget that this is a powerful acoustic artist but equally remarkably is you won’t find yourself listening to a bunch of songs that all sound the same.

Mike Beale (solo)
Mojo Webb (solo)
Mojo’s live solo performances are top shelf blues experiences, as real and powerful as can be found anywhere. His unique and engaging stage presence combines effortlessly with his incendiary, original vocal style and masterful finger-style guitar work. Mojo controls the stage - imploring, preaching, boasting, and crying the blues. Over a hundred years of blues music gets channeled through Mojo who uses all his life experiences to create authentic music whose honesty and beauty comes from deep down.

"If you're looking for that metaphorical blues pot o' gold at the end of your rainbow, then you can call off that search right now, kick back and get rich off the spoils thrown down by Brisbane's Mojo Webb.

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The Venue
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August 24th 2014
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