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to be held at 1.30pm on 10th of September, 2017 

at Lefty’s Old Time Music Hall, 15 Caxton Street Brisbane City QLD 4000.
 The following business must be transacted at every annual general meeting –

 - the receiving of the statement of income and expenditure, assets and liabilities and of mortgages, charges and securities affecting the property of the association for the last financial year;

 - the receiving of the auditor's report on the financial affairs of the association for the last financial year;

 - the presenting of the audited statement to the meeting for adoption;

 - the election of members of the management committee;

 - the appointment of an auditor.


"Do I have to vote?"

 No, but your vote is a way of helping to guide the committee to head in a direction you would like to see it go.

 "I want to vote but I can't get there"

 This is where proxy forms come in (see attachment to this email). If you can't go but know someone who is going, you can give your printed and signed form to them and instruct them to use the form following your wishes, or if you prefer, to follow their judgement - provided you trust them. The onus is on you for them to use your proxy the way you want. You can also email the outgoing secretary your signed-and-scanned form IF you know who you would like your vote to go towards. The main point is that your proxy form must prove it's legitimately from you, and that the intentions within it cannot be questioned.

 "Should I nominate for a committee position?"

 With the size and activity of BASEQ, none of the committee positions are difficult. Of the "official office bearers" (according to the constitution) the Secretary and Treasurer have the most routine work to do with banking/statements and keeping records and minutes up to date, as well as answering a few emails. Of non-office bearers, the membership co-ordinator is the busiest with processing new/renewed memberships and keeping memberships details up to date. What helps BASEQ is not just a range of viewpoints and fresh ideas, but also people willing to volunteer to perform a few tasks and then following through.

 "I want to noninate for a position but I can't get to the AGM"

 No problem. This means formally nominate before nominations close, with a current member as your official nominator and another as a seconder. The vote will still be conducted. New for this year, BASEQ will ask those nominating before the AGM to provide a quick "blurb" about themselves to publish on the website - with nearly 400 members, not everyone knows everyone else.
Nominations Recieved

Donna Hourigan for position of Secretary:

"I’ve been a BASEQ member for a few years now and have benefitted personally and as a musician from the support this association gives its members. I felt it was my turn to give

(no other nominations for secretary have been received)

Barry Beattie for position of Vice President:

"I've been on the BASEQ committee since 2012 in one role or another. I'm putting up my hand for the Vice President's position again so I can continue trying to help with some great BASEQ initiatives."

(no other nominations for vice president have been received)